Interview~ Jamie!

Thank you Maddy for letting me do this interview with you! 🙂

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My favorite color?– Pink!  (i have ALWAYS loved pink!)
City girl or Country girl? —City
When did you start a blog?—Umm… probably a few years. 3 or 4 years
Are you homeschooled?— Yes, my WHOLE life
Your favorite drink?— Sprite…? I also like coffee,coke and Dr. pepper
Your favorite book?— The Bridge to Neverland
What do you do with your free time?— Read, do home work,do cartwheels,handstands…
What is your dream vacation?— To go hike in Colorado!
What is your middle name?— Nicole
Your favorite school subject?— Spelling

Well that was fun!

Thanks for letting me do one Maddy! 🙂
Check out my blog at

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