Hey everyone! Today I decided to go outside and just take pictures of whatever got my attention on. Normally all of my pictures have something that is relative to one another but today I decided not to do that. So, here they are!


I love how the sun is shining on the leaves.


I love taking pictures of leaves and I’m very happy about how this one turned out!


Herr is a picture of the sky.


Once again, I took another picture of some leaves. 🙂


Here is a picture of some icicles. I was freezing outside!

So, what did you think? I hope that you all have a great week!

Do you like it when I post pictures without a theme or with a theme better? Which picture was your favorite? Is it cold at your house?


8 thoughts on “Outdoors

    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks. 🙂 I think that I like having a theme with my pictures better also. 🙂 Right now it’s about 20 degrees and snowing! It’s acutally snowing in GA! How weird! And the wind chill in -5


  1. It got down into the teens the other night, so YES it’s definitely cold where I live. I admire the way you are so motivated to go out and take pictures even in this season. When it’s cold outside I tend to slack off on any picture taking that isn’t work. I’m a summer-loving girl!

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  2. I love the first pic. I’ve been missing sunshine. 😦 I haven’t been to school since last Friday!! Due to Presidents’ Day and many snow days. I’m so sick of the cold!! Summer please!! 😉
    Great pictures!


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    1. Thanks Grace! I guess one good thing about being public schooled is that you don’t go if the weather is bad or its a holiday.! Sounds nice! I love the cold! I wish that it was always cold but I like summer too!


  3. Beautiful work, as always! My favorite photos are the top one of leaves and the bottom one of icicles! I think I almost like theme-less posts better, but a mixture is good. 🙂
    At my house today, sunny and *almost* warm.

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