More Beach Pics!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’ll be showing you all some more pictures that I got at the beach the other day. I hope that you enjoy them!






We went on a dolphin tour and I was able to get this picture.

B 1

B 2

So, here are a few pictures of me. As you have probably guessed by now if you didn’t know, I’m a dancer. My mom was able to get a few pictures of me dancing. Which is your favorite? Is anyone else a dancer or used to be?

Real quickly, I just wanted to let you all know that I have made a guest book. If you have time then go other there to let me know that you were here!

Which picture was your favorite? Do you ever go on dolphin tours?


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? As you have seen in the title, I’m on a beach vacation right now. It’s only the second day and it has been wonderful! Right now, I’ll be showing you some pictures that I got yesterday when we took a walk on the beach. I hope that you all enjoy them!

Beach 2

Beach 11

Beach 3

Beach 4

Beach 8

Beach 6

Beach 9

Beach 7

Thank you all for looking! More pictures coming soon!

Which picture was your favorite? Do you have any summer vacations planned? Do you like ( Or LOVE ) the beach?

Birds- The eggs, babies, and adults

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? So, as you see in the title, there are these birds that built a nest in our backyard. I have been meaning to post some pictures but I just haven’t had time so now, they have already been hatched and are growing. I’ll be showing you when it was just eggs, when they hatched, and the parents. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!


First are the eggs. They were on the top of our window outside so it was a little hard getting this picture but it tuned out well.


Here’s one of the babies. They sometimes run around the yard.



There are the parents. It’s been really neat watching the babies hatch!

Which picture was your favorite? Have birds ever hatched near your house? Are you an animal lover?


Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to be sharing some pictures that I have recently gotten of a blue butterfly. I love butterflies and this one seems to hangout around our house a lot so I was able to get it’s picture. I hope that you enjoy them!



Are you a butterfly fan? Are there any around your house? What have you been taking pictures of?

Real quickly, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful blog. It’s called South Kakalaki Girl and it’s amazing! I love the posts on there but they also write newsletters which is awesome! I just actually started writing for them and I love it! It’s a lot of fun and the newsletters are so much fun to read! I definitely recommend everyone to look at it! Comment below and tell me what you think of it!


Guest Post~Simi!!

 Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’m very excited to be showing you all a guest post that wonderful Simi did for me! I hope that you enjoy it!

Hello everyone! I’m Simi from ‘What’s Simi reading?’ where I review books!
I live in England so Maddy asked me to write about some famous English sites! The capital of England (as you may well know) is London. I don’t live there but I’ve been there many times and there are lots of lovely places to see! Here are some of my favourites (I took some of the pictures on my iPod so I apologize if they’re bad quality):
Monument to the Great Fire of London:
The Great Fire of London (2nd-5th September 1666) was a terrible fire that began at a bakery on Pudding Lane and spread quickly across London. 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches and many other buildings were consumed in the fire. A monument that is 62 metres (202 ft) tall and is 62 metres (202 ft) from where the fire began was built in the 1670s. It is the tallest isolated stone column in the world.
The Gherkin:
This skyscraper is called the Gherkin because it literally looks like a gherkin! Its real name is actually 30 St Mary Axe. It stands at a height of 180 meters (591 ft) and has 41 storys. It was built in 2001 and completed in 2003.
Tower of London
Tower of London and ceramic poppies:
The Tower of London was built in 1078, but was founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror when it was first named The White Tower. From July – November 2014, 888,246 ceramic poppies were laid outside the historical castle to commemorate all the soldiers from World War 1 who died. I took loads of pictures of these poppies because they were so beautiful. It is so important to remember all those soldiers who fought for England.
Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have learned a lot about England!
Thank you so much for guest posting Simi! I hope that you’ll all check out her wonderful blog! You can see a guest post that I just did on her blog here! Have a wonderful week everyone!


Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to be showing you all different pictures that I have recently gotten. I hope that you enjoy looking at them!






So, what did you think? Which one is your favorite?

I would like to tell you all that a friend of mine just opened a new blog/store! It’s Ashley’s Crochet Corner!! I hope that you’ll all check it out! She is also having a giveaway on her which you can find here 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

A Colorful Sky

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today I would like to show you all a few pictures that I got of a beautiful sunset the other night. Normally I have a bunch of trees in the way because we live in the woods but I found a spot were there aren’t any trees in the way so that will most likely be my new spot to take sunset/sunrise pictures. I hope that you all enjoy looking at them!




Thanks for looking! I hope that you all have a great day!


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I wanted to share with you all some beautiful roses that I have started to bloom near our house. 🙂 I hope that you all enjoy the photos!


I love the way this one turned out with the sun and everything.



Thank you all for looking! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Which one was your favorite? Are there any flowers around your house? What type of flower is your favorite?