Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to be sharing some pictures that I have recently gotten of a blue butterfly. I love butterflies and this one seems to hangout around our house a lot so I was able to get it’s picture. I hope that you enjoy them!



Are you a butterfly fan? Are there any around your house? What have you been taking pictures of?

Real quickly, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful blog. It’s called South Kakalaki Girl and it’s amazing! I love the posts on there but they also write newsletters which is awesome! I just actually started writing for them and I love it! It’s a lot of fun and the newsletters are so much fun to read! I definitely recommend everyone to look at it! Comment below and tell me what you think of it!



15 thoughts on “Butterfly

    1. Hey Simi! Thank you so much! I love pretty butterflies! At a aquarium that we go to often, has a butterfly garden with ton of butterflies! It’s gorgeous! Yes! SKG is a really cool blog! Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I love Tangled; it’s so awesome and I never get bored of watching it!! I also love the songs in Frozen and the Princess and the Frog, and Mulan is a great film too! There are a lot 🙂

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