Birds- The eggs, babies, and adults

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? So, as you see in the title, there are these birds that built a nest in our backyard. I have been meaning to post some pictures but I just haven’t had time so now, they have already been hatched and are growing. I’ll be showing you when it was just eggs, when they hatched, and the parents. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!


First are the eggs. They were on the top of our window outside so it was a little hard getting this picture but it tuned out well.


Here’s one of the babies. They sometimes run around the yard.



There are the parents. It’s been really neat watching the babies hatch!

Which picture was your favorite? Have birds ever hatched near your house? Are you an animal lover?


4 thoughts on “Birds- The eggs, babies, and adults

  1. Beautiful pictures! I like how green the nest is. The last shot of the adult bird turned out really well. I’ve been taking pictures of birds lately (yes, I like animals….well, not *all* of them, but many) and find it’s really hard to get close enough to get a good shot, even with a zoom lens!

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    1. Hey Paige! Thank you so much! Yes, I like most animals but not all 😉 Yes! It’s hard to get good close up shots! I get all of my pictures of birds from inside actually. I sit next to a window that views our backyard and it works pretty well. It doesn’t scare the animals away. 🙂


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