Author Interview~Emma!

 Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be doing an author interview from lovely Emma. Enjoy!

What first inspired you to write?

 Oh, I don’t know. 🙂 I’ve always been an avid reader, and I noticed that there were several topics that I thought people should write about. For instance, I thought that a book about a teen spy would be awesome (which I’m working on, by the way), and also a book about a teen warrior who defeated a dragon, and a teen (do you see the theme?) girl who battled cancer. Then I thought that having cancer was kind of like battling a dragon inside of you. So I combined those two story ideas and came up with Dragon Slayer, which is the book I’m working on right now. The two characters, Emery and Kimberly, switch points of view the entire book.

 Do any of your characters resemble anyone you know?

 Yes. Emery, who is the teen warrior, has a tiny bit of me in her. Her characteristics (her blonde hair, blue eyes, that sort of thing) and her emotional personality seem to posses a lot of me. Sometimes I notice that when I type on my laptop, the words write themselves, and I notice that I’ve written about somebody I think about a lot. I couldn’t name other specific characters, though.

 How many books are you working on now?

 I would say about four major ones. A book re-telling the Bible in a novel-style way (don’t have a name for it .  .  .) My fairy-tale novella, Happily Never After, my teenage espionage novel, Hide (which I hope to make into a series), and, of coarse, Dragon Slayer.

 How many books do you hope to write?

 Honestly, just publishing Dragon Slayer seems like such a giant feat, I would be happy if I just got that done! 🙂 But I would love to finish the many projects I have started.

 Any writing tips?

 Persevere. I went through a major writer’s block a couple of weeks ago when I was working on my teen spy series and I almost quit writing Hide! But then I realized that the only way to overcome was to free-write, then come back and edit. Often editing my previous work helps to get me in the writer’s mood.

Here is the beginning to Emma’s book…

Emery ducked and rolled under a rock, barely escaping the hot, white breath of the dragon. A rumbling sound echoed throughout the cave, bouncing off the walls and filling her ears. Emery knew that this was the dragon’s mocking laughter, taunting her and challenging her to come out and fight. Emery clutched her broadsword in one hand and her silver shield in the other so hard that her knuckles turned white. She stretched her body into a flat position, starting to army crawl to a new cover.

    Then she heard it’s voice. It’s cruel, dark, voice that rang in her ears that said, “I sssssenssssse you. I can hear your heavy breathing. Emery held her breath, her heart pounding so loud she was afraid the beast would hear that, too. It continued. “A challenge you have given me, daughter of Eve,” he said slowly, laughing again. “But you’re fun will sssssssoon be over. I can almost tasssssste your blood in my mouth; I can almost sssssee your body rotting in this God-forssssaken place.”Emery closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt the vibrations in the ground. It was moving, closing in on her.

Lord, God Almighty, ruler of the heavens and of earth, help me, I pray. Your humble servant comes to You in a time of great need. Majestic God, let me slay this dragon for You; let it’s blood spill on the ground of this wretched place as King David slew the mighty Goliath. This is my giant, my trial, my tribulation, LORD.   Help me, God!

 Help me.

 Help me.

Thanks for letting me interview you, Emma! Have a great week everyone!

Which answer was your favorite? Any other writers here?

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Greetings from Pennsylvania! My family and I recently went on a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It showed how they made chocolate bars, had a chocolate tasting room, and way too much candy. ; ) Anyways, it was pretty cool. I hope that you enjoy these pictures!




Here’s a picture of me and my brother. Behind us, you can see a bunch of candy and we got to fill cups up with them. So good! They had so much candy there! We were able to see that worlds largest Hershey bar while we were there. 🙂

Sorry guys! I got a bunch more pictures but there all on my ipod. I hope that you have enjoyed these. Have a wonderful week!

What candy is your favorite? Do you like white chocolate or dark chocolate better?

Infinity Dreams Award

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’ll be doing the Infinity Dreams Award which I was nominated by lovely Clara.
So, here we go!


Thank and link to the blogger who tagged you
Answer the 11 questions
Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

1. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be? I would ask myself to tell me what I missed out on.
That would be so cool to meet your future self. Don’t you think?
2. What is  your middle name? Virginia. It used to be Shayne but I told my mom that it was a boy name so she kindly changed it for me. I feel bad now even though I was only 4.
3. What shoe size are you? I’m a 8. I think that my feet in getting smaller though from doing pointe. 😉
4. What would your hero name be? I don’t no. I’m not good with making up names.
5. Do you like Nutella on toast? No, I’m very picky. 😉
6. What is your favorite foreign accent? British!
7. Describe this scene in  3-8 words. Sweet, Simple, and Sad.

8. Have you ever taken a train? No, I have taken the ones that they have at the zoo but not a real train.
9. If you had to sing a solo for a concert, which song would you choose to sing? Haha! That’s hard. Just to let you guys
all know, I’m a terrible singing! I guess, King Of Heaven. Love that song!
10. How do you do your hair on a busy morning? A ponytail. It’s simple and easy.
11. If you could automatically obtain a skill, which skill would it be? It would to be able to jump high.

Now, I nominate..

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My questions for you all

1.What is your dream vacation?
2.Your favorite song?
3.Favorite summer memory?
4.Do you have any pets?
5.What’s your favorite hair style to do?
6.Have you ever been on a air plane?
7.Coffee or Tea?
8.Your biggest fear?
9.What was the last avacation that you went on?
10.Your favorite Bible verse?
11.What did you do today?

Thanks for reading!

What would your super hero name be? Would you like to meet your future self? What three words would you describe that picture as? Which question/answer was your favorite?


Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? Today, I’m going to be writing about the Mayfield Dairy Farm that my family just went to. You have all heard of the brand Mayfield, right? They sell a lot of milk and ice-cream which you can see at grocery stores. Anyways, here’s the post…


Does it look familiar now?


Ice-cream! It’s not real. 😉


Here’s the ice-cream I got. It was Moose Tracks which is definitely my favorite. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! Have a great day!

What ice-cream flavor is your favorite from Mayfield?


 Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be showing you all an interview that I just recently did with amazing Abi from Author Of My Hope. She has a great blog and I hope that you will all check it out. 🙂 Enjoy!
Author Of My Hope
When did you start your blog?
February 16, 2015
What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
Hmm…probably the feeling I get after I write a post I love and the sweet comments! 😉
What is something you hope to do someday?
I want to go on a on trip and go snorkeling!
Your dream vacation?
Staying in a cabin in the woods next to a lake!
Favorite ice-cream flavor?
Rocky road!
Dogs or cats?
Probably dogs because I haven’t been around too many cats.
Your biggest fear?
Sharks and jellyfish… so if I stay away from the ocean I’ll be fine. 😉
Some of your favorite blogs?
One 10-year-old little brother!
Your favorite color?
Thanks so much for interviewing me, Maddy!
Thanks for letting me interview you! Have a great week everyone!
Which answer was your favorite?

A Day At The Lake

Hey everyone! Recently, we went to two different lakes. Today, I’ll be sharing some pictures that I got there. Enjoy!







Exciting news! I’m going on a road trip tomorrow! I’m so excited! I’ll post about it soon!

Have a blessed week!

Firework Fun

Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be showing you all some firework pictures that I got. They aren’t big fireworks because we just did them at home, but they were a lot of fun. Enjoy!






Now, I’ll be sharing my rabbit’s name with you all. 🙂 Her name is…. Dolly! I didn’t name her, my sweet little sister did. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Did anyone do fireworks at home? What did you do for the 4th of July?


Outdoor Photography

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July! Is anyone doing anything special? Tonight, my siblings and I are going to do fireworks. There all very excited! 🙂 Right now, I’ll be showing you all some pictures that I have recently gotten. Enjoy!



Here are some flowers that are growing in our backyard. They so pretty!


This is my bunny that I got yesterday for my birthday. ( My birthday is July 7th but my parents went ahead and got it for me. ) This rabbit is so sweet and I love it! My parents got it while I was at dance and I was very surprised! Can you guess what it’s name is? It’s a girl and her name starts with a D. In a comment, say three D names that you think it might be. Let’s see if you can guess it right! In my next post, I’ll share it’s name with you all. Have fun guessing! Maybe you’ll get it right!

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Does anyone else have a rabbit? What are you doing tonight?