Outdoor Photography

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July! Is anyone doing anything special? Tonight, my siblings and I are going to do fireworks. There all very excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now, Iโ€™ll be showing you all some pictures that I have recently gotten. Enjoy!



Here are some flowers that are growing in our backyard. They so pretty!


This is my bunny that I got yesterday for my birthday. ( My birthday is July 7th but my parents went ahead and got it for me. ) This rabbit is so sweet and I love it! My parents got it while I was at dance and I was very surprised! Can you guess what itโ€™s name is? Itโ€™s a girl and her name starts with a D. In a comment, say three D names that you think it might be. Letโ€™s see if you can guess it right! In my next post, Iโ€™ll share itโ€™s name with you all. Have fun guessing! Maybe youโ€™ll get it right!

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Does anyone else have a rabbit? What are you doing tonight?


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