Author Interview~Emma!

 Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be doing an author interview from lovely Emma. Enjoy!

What first inspired you to write?

 Oh, I don’t know. 🙂 I’ve always been an avid reader, and I noticed that there were several topics that I thought people should write about. For instance, I thought that a book about a teen spy would be awesome (which I’m working on, by the way), and also a book about a teen warrior who defeated a dragon, and a teen (do you see the theme?) girl who battled cancer. Then I thought that having cancer was kind of like battling a dragon inside of you. So I combined those two story ideas and came up with Dragon Slayer, which is the book I’m working on right now. The two characters, Emery and Kimberly, switch points of view the entire book.

 Do any of your characters resemble anyone you know?

 Yes. Emery, who is the teen warrior, has a tiny bit of me in her. Her characteristics (her blonde hair, blue eyes, that sort of thing) and her emotional personality seem to posses a lot of me. Sometimes I notice that when I type on my laptop, the words write themselves, and I notice that I’ve written about somebody I think about a lot. I couldn’t name other specific characters, though.

 How many books are you working on now?

 I would say about four major ones. A book re-telling the Bible in a novel-style way (don’t have a name for it .  .  .) My fairy-tale novella, Happily Never After, my teenage espionage novel, Hide (which I hope to make into a series), and, of coarse, Dragon Slayer.

 How many books do you hope to write?

 Honestly, just publishing Dragon Slayer seems like such a giant feat, I would be happy if I just got that done! 🙂 But I would love to finish the many projects I have started.

 Any writing tips?

 Persevere. I went through a major writer’s block a couple of weeks ago when I was working on my teen spy series and I almost quit writing Hide! But then I realized that the only way to overcome was to free-write, then come back and edit. Often editing my previous work helps to get me in the writer’s mood.

Here is the beginning to Emma’s book…

Emery ducked and rolled under a rock, barely escaping the hot, white breath of the dragon. A rumbling sound echoed throughout the cave, bouncing off the walls and filling her ears. Emery knew that this was the dragon’s mocking laughter, taunting her and challenging her to come out and fight. Emery clutched her broadsword in one hand and her silver shield in the other so hard that her knuckles turned white. She stretched her body into a flat position, starting to army crawl to a new cover.

    Then she heard it’s voice. It’s cruel, dark, voice that rang in her ears that said, “I sssssenssssse you. I can hear your heavy breathing. Emery held her breath, her heart pounding so loud she was afraid the beast would hear that, too. It continued. “A challenge you have given me, daughter of Eve,” he said slowly, laughing again. “But you’re fun will sssssssoon be over. I can almost tasssssste your blood in my mouth; I can almost sssssee your body rotting in this God-forssssaken place.”Emery closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt the vibrations in the ground. It was moving, closing in on her.

Lord, God Almighty, ruler of the heavens and of earth, help me, I pray. Your humble servant comes to You in a time of great need. Majestic God, let me slay this dragon for You; let it’s blood spill on the ground of this wretched place as King David slew the mighty Goliath. This is my giant, my trial, my tribulation, LORD.   Help me, God!

 Help me.

 Help me.

Thanks for letting me interview you, Emma! Have a great week everyone!

Which answer was your favorite? Any other writers here?


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