Fall pics.

Hi everyone! It really feels like fall is here now! The weather is getting colder, I’m starting to wear boots again, and yesterday my family went to get pumpkins! Today, I’ll be sharing some of the pictures with you that I got of our pumpkins. Enjoy!

pumpkin 1

pumpkin 3

pumpkin 4


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Do you ever get pumpkins? What’s your favorite part about fall?


17 thoughts on “Fall pics.

  1. We have pumpkins too! Funny story actually.

    My dad was driving and a truck had loads of pumpkins in the back. Two fell off and the driver didn’t stop, so my dad did and picked them up and brought them home.

    So, not super funny, but eh. Great pictures, Maddy!! 🙂


  2. I love fall!!! I don’t know if we will get a pumpkin this year or not. We made a ton of pumpkin bars and pumpkin things because someone gave us alot of pumpkins. Have you ever made pumpkin bars?
    I answered your question on my blog about if I’ve ever been to England. Hope you read it. 🙂

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      1. My pleasure.
        Is there a difference in the taste in orange and white pumpkins? What are you doing to make with the pumpkins?

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  3. Really? Has any of your family members tried pumpkin before? Pumpkin seeds are good toasted. Do you have a garden? If you do, you could cut open the pumpkin, take the seeds out, let them dry, and plant them in your garden. 🙂


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