Another Sunset Pic. :)

Hi everyone! I hope that your all having a great week! Today, I'll be sharing another sunset picture that I got the other day with you. 🙂 Enjoy! Have a great week!


The Great Smoky Mountains.

Hi everyone! I hope that your all having a great Sunday! My family just got back from a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We had a lot of fun there! My favorite part has to be the Smoky Mountains. They are just gorgeous! I'll be showing you a picture that I got of them. Enjoy! Have … Continue reading The Great Smoky Mountains.

Meet Mango

Hi everyone! Saturday night, my parents brought home a sun conure. We were all very excited! His named is Mango if you haven't already guessed that from the title. 😉  It's hand-raised so it loves being around people and being held. ( It's actually on my shoulder at the moment. ) Anyways, I'll be showing … Continue reading Meet Mango

New Camera

Hi everyone! How are you all? So, I'm very happy to be able to have gotten a new camera! It's a Nikon Coolpix L830. It takes great pictures and I love it! So from now on, most of my pictures will be taken from my camera and not my ipod. Here is one picture I got … Continue reading New Camera