Recent Photos

Hey guys! Is anyone else ready for spring like I am? 🙂 Spring is my favorite time of the year to take pictures, and it’s coming up! Hopefully, I’ll be getting more pictures to share with you all soon. For today though, I’d like to show you a few bird pictures that I have recently gotten. I hope that you enjoy them!



25 thoughts on “Recent Photos

  1. So beautiful! 😀 I’ve inherited a love of birds from my grandpa … but I can never get good pictures of them. Well, I have once or twice, but for the most part they flit off before I get a good shot! XD

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    1. Thank you, Kellyn! Yes, most of the time the birds fly away before I can take their picture as well. We just put a bird feeder out though and it has helped me a lot with getting better shots of them!

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