Using our Abilites and Resources for Adonai

Hey y'all! Summer is officially here and, if you live in the south (like me) it honestly feels like, it has been summer year round. Haha. Anyway, Adonai (Christ) has blessed us with many gifts and abilities like singing, art, hospitality, etc. but, are we using them for ourselves or for Him? When we are … Continue reading Using our Abilites and Resources for Adonai


Photography from Stone Mtn.

Hey everyone! My family went to Stone Mountain last week, and today I am going to show you some of the pictures that I got. 🙂 They have many different things to do at Stone Mountain which include a 4d theatre, Sky Hike, ( which is an above the ground obstacle course) miniature golf, a petting zoo, a … Continue reading Photography from Stone Mtn.

Dew Drops

For the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. ~Proverbs 2:6 The Lord will fight for you ; you only need to be still.  ~Exodus 14:14 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.  ~Psalms 107:1

Meet Our Birds

Hey everyone! Today, I got to have a little photo shoot with a few of our birds. Two of them are conures and the other one is a cockatiel. They are all very nice, and love being around people. Though they can be a little annoying at times, overall I really enjoy having them. 🙂 So, … Continue reading Meet Our Birds