Using our Abilites and Resources for Adonai

Hey y’all! Summer is officially here and, if you live in the south (like me) it honestly feels like, it has been summer year round. Haha. Anyway, Adonai (Christ) has blessed us with many gifts and abilities like singing, art, hospitality, etc. but, are we using them for ourselves or for Him? When we are doing something, it needs to be done ultimately for God’s Glory and, (Colossians 3:17 and 1 Corinthians 10:31) especially humbly (Proverbs 11:2).

Whatever gift you have been blessed with, pray about what to do with it then, let the Lord lead you in turn, to bring glory to His name. If you are good with cooking, crafts or whatever-donate items, give to friends, family, leave tracts, pray with people, etc. If you don’t quite know what you gift is (of course pray, pray, pray and talk with you parents) but, if you have any social media like, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (or one of the thousand other social media, or just send letters) then, encourage friends and family in Christ. Believers, unbelievers, and especially the unbelievers who think they are believers. Talk with them *communicate, communicate, communicate. You need to have good communication. Without it, you won’t get anywhere*, pray with them, send verses, let them know that you care and, make sure to follow up.

Now, onto humility which, is something I am constantly reminding myself. Sometimes for me, it is hard to be humble when you cook or crochet something that lots of people like and, when people say, “Oh, it looks so good, you should make a career out of it!” I tend to feel too proud but, when I know I am thinking to highly of myself, I remind myself to be humble. Kind of like this *humble, humble, humble* Lol. So, if you struggle with pride like me, than pray and pray and be consistent with yourself and, let the Lord work in you.

I know this was rather brief but, I wanted to get to the point so, I hope y’all were encouraged and that’s all for today!  Have a blessed day! Love y’all!

Thanks so much Maddy!

In Christ,

Anya Smith xo


❤ 😀





19 thoughts on “Using our Abilites and Resources for Adonai

  1. I agree a lot with this post! It’s such an amazing thing that God loves us enough to give us these amazing talents, and your tips for using them to serve him are great. The reminder of humility is especially important.
    However, I’d like to bring your attention to one thing – the name you used for God in the title of your post, “Yaweh”, is actually a HIGHLY sacred Jewish name for God, so sacred that most do not utter it out loud or write it out, instead substituting YHWH when writing or Adonai when speaking. Although this was most prominent in the Biblical era, there are many Jews today who still abide by this practice and would be deeply offended by hearing/seeing a name so sacred to their religion and their interpretation of our God spoken/written out. Therefore, out of respect to our Jewish companions (some of whom may be uncomfortable with your use of the word), I would ask you to please change it to Adonai, God, Christ, or another title. (Unless you yourself are Jewish, of course, in which case you have every right to use the name as you see fit.) 🙂

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


  2. Yes, I try to remind myself to be a ‘humble bumblebee’ 😉
    Great post! It’s inspired me to do a lot more knitting and maybe donate scarfs and hats to charities. Thanks for this post 🙂


  3. Hey Ellie! I actually read many blogs where ladies write Yah or Yahweh. I don’t think it is offensive. Actually, many feel it is better to use the words Yahweh or Yeshua in substitute for God and Jesus since that is what was first said in Bible times. They didn’t speak English, of course. God and Jesus are what is translated to English, which they weren’t even called these names until English came into existence. It is actually more God-honoring to use His original name. : ) Which is the name that Anya used.


  4. When I saw the title with the name Adonai, I knew that because when I lived in Little Rock, AR the church family I was a part of (and they became my friends, small church just starting) they had praise songs with that name in them. I love it! I love all of the names, nick names for Christ. And I love how true this is. Humility needs to basically be our armor and helmet, worn at all times kinda thing. Christ was made lowest of low, and we are to be Christ-like. I think it’s great God uses our abilities, harnessing our talents, and it’s good to become great at something. But we should, as you state, bear in mind how we look at ourselves. I want to be an author because I know God has made me a Christian writer. And I’m so glad He uses my hands, and inspires me with material He teaches me with, along with others. I’m so glad to have met a fellow blogger who is also a sister in Christ ❤


    1. Thats awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, it is so amazing to see how God uses our talents and abilities. I am so glad to have met you as well. 😊❤

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  5. This is really good Maddy. We should find out what our gift is and then use it for God’s glory and not our own self-gratification. I think this is a good post for a lot of Christians that are wondering what their gift is.

    This reminded me of a sermon that I recently watched called “The Pressure of being Gifted”. If you would like, the link is below. .

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