Angel & Audrey: Then and Now

Hey y'all! I'm Aiyanna Smith, a fourteen-year-old identical twin girl (to Anya Smith, you can view her post here) who highly enjoys photography. Today I'll be posting a "throwback to now" shoot of my identical twin cousins, Angel and Audrey. They turned one on September 22nd, so I was inclined to brag about them a … Continue reading Angel & Audrey: Then and Now


A Glimpse of Fall

Hey y'all! Fall is officially here! Though it is still hot, it has coolen down just a smidgen.  Praise God! 😀 The leaves are turning brown and red; falling off, the insects are cooping up for the season, and its time for pumpkin spice everything! Here is a glimpse of what middle Georgia currently looks like. … Continue reading A Glimpse of Fall


Hey everyone! How has everyone's week been? Mine has been busy but great. I am pleased to announce that my mom gave birth to my new little sister Mabrey on August 30th. She is a doll and I absolutely love her. 🙂 Babies are seriously the best. Today, I'll be showing you a photo that I got … Continue reading Fall