Angel & Audrey: Then and Now

Hey y’all! I’m Aiyanna Smith, a fourteen-year-old identical twin girl (to Anya Smith, you can view her post here) who highly enjoys photography. Today I’ll be posting a “throwback to now” shoot of my identical twin cousins, Angel and Audrey. They turned one on September 22nd, so I was inclined to brag about them a little. πŸ˜€IMG_4473 (1).jpgHere they were a few minutes after birth. I’m pretty sure Angel is on the right, closer to the camera’s lens, and Audrey, further away. (circa 2015) At this point in my photography, I was just beginning, and after a while I chose to change my photography name from, “Aiyanna Smith Photography” to “Snap, Shutter, & Click.” I figured it was more practical for my name to relate to the sounds a camera makes–snap, shutter, and click.IMG_4744.jpgI’m pretty sure this is Angel, at about one to two weeks old. img_4756Here they were at about a week or two old (possibly). I’m not too sure who’s who because, as newborns they were one in the same–they are identical after all. πŸ˜€ img_4465Here they are, again at the hospital. With, Angel on the left; Audrey on the right. (I believe).IMG_6072.jpgThis is Audrey (now I’m positive), on Mother’s Day this year, with her mom.Β IMG_6065.jpgThe twins on Mother’s Day, again. Ms. Angel on the left, and Ms. Audrey on the right.img_6143-1Angel and mommy. It was perfect, Angel looked pleased, but began to show her annoyance afterwards. πŸ˜€ (Mother’s Day 2016)IMG_6217.jpgIMG_6115.jpgAngel on the left, Audrey on the right. Are you beginning to differentiate them?IMG_6231 (1).jpgAudrey on the left Angel on the right. (Mother’s Day 2016)


Thank you so much, Maddy for allowing me to post on your wonderful blog. I had a great time! I hope y’all enjoy my work. Have a blessed day! ❀

~Yanna xoxo


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