Chloe Joy’s Newborn Shoot

Hey guys! It’s Aiyanna, again. 😀 Last Sunday, I had my second newborn shoot, since I’ve started photography. (Here is my previous post, including some shots from my very first newborn shoot). Chloe was precisely 2 weeks, so, thankfully, she stared off and cooperated the entire time! Praise God! 😛 IMG_7501.jpgChloe had just woken up at this point, so she wasn’t herself, yet. 😀 (If y’all haven’t recognized, I’ve altered my photo tags once again!)IMG_7505 (1).jpgHer eyes are so bright and dreamy! IMG_7565.jpgWho knew photoshoots could be so cozy and relaxing?IMG_7627.jpgIMG_7649.jpgIMG_7655.jpgYes, it is NOT summer, but my identical twin sister insisted on me featuring her crocheted work. The obvious, “Mermaid Suit.”


Thank you so much, Maddy! I really appreciate you letting me post on your blog. You’re so kind. Love you guys!! ❤ 😀

With love

In Christ,

~Yanna xoxo~




19 thoughts on “Chloe Joy’s Newborn Shoot

  1. Oh, how precious is this sweet baby girl! I love newborn baby shoots…and you did a lovely job, Aiyanna! Isn’t photography wonderful? {{Smiles}} This is my first time visiting…I saw your link over at An Ornament of Grace Link Up Party! I’ll be sure to stop by again…
    Blessings to you,


    1. Thank you soooo much, Kelly-Anne!💖 Thanks for stopping by, and yes. Photography is the absolute best! 📷📷 Looking forward to seeing more of your comments over here.😊 Blessings to you as well!


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