Chloe Joy’s Newborn Shoot

Hey guys! It’s Aiyanna, again. 😀 Last Sunday, I had my second newborn shoot, since I’ve started photography. (Here is my previous post, including some shots from my very first newborn shoot). Chloe was precisely 2 weeks, so, thankfully, she stared off and cooperated the entire time! Praise God! 😛 IMG_7501.jpgChloe had just woken up at this point, so she wasn’t herself, yet. 😀 (If y’all haven’t recognized, I’ve altered my photo tags once again!)IMG_7505 (1).jpgHer eyes are so bright and dreamy! IMG_7565.jpgWho knew photoshoots could be so cozy and relaxing?IMG_7627.jpgIMG_7649.jpgIMG_7655.jpgYes, it is NOT summer, but my identical twin sister insisted on me featuring her crocheted work. The obvious, “Mermaid Suit.”


Thank you so much, Maddy! I really appreciate you letting me post on your blog. You’re so kind. Love you guys!! ❤ 😀

With love

In Christ,

~Yanna xoxo~




19 thoughts on “Chloe Joy’s Newborn Shoot

  1. Oh, how precious is this sweet baby girl! I love newborn baby shoots…and you did a lovely job, Aiyanna! Isn’t photography wonderful? {{Smiles}} This is my first time visiting…I saw your link over at An Ornament of Grace Link Up Party! I’ll be sure to stop by again…
    Blessings to you,


    • Thank you soooo much, Kelly-Anne!💖 Thanks for stopping by, and yes. Photography is the absolute best! 📷📷 Looking forward to seeing more of your comments over here.😊 Blessings to you as well!


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