Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago today, I started this blog. I wasn’t sure if blogging would be something that I would like, but I decided to try it since my mom and sister both had one. I am very glad that I started a blog that day, because I have loved it ever since. Photography is one of my favorite things to do, and I love having my own little “digital diary” where I can share my photos. : ) A special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog!



Tomorrow morning, me and my sister are going to get our wisdom teeth taken out. I’m not to nervous at the moment, but that will most definitely change by the time tomorrow rolls around. I’m just hoping that everything goes smoothly, and that it’s an easy recovery. What’s funny is that at the moment, I’m the most nervous about getting the IV, ha! I just hate needles, so much. We won’t talk about the time when I kicked the nurse while she was trying to give me a shot. ; ) I was only 6 at the time, but I still can’t believe that I did that. *face palm*

I hope that you all have a great rest of your week! We got the most adorable little baby lop rabbit yesterday, and I’ll probably be sharing some photos of her soon!



33 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today…

  1. Happy blogiversary, Maddy! And good luck with getting your wisdom teeth taken out . . . I haven’t had it done (yet), but I totally feel your pain with the needles problem. I’ve done worse than kicking a nurse. 😄


  2. Because you live in the South, that’s the Carolina Chickadee, another one of my favorites. Well done on capturing him! Chickadees get their food, and fly away with it to eat. Another reason I want a better camera, to get wing movement.


    1. Ok, thanks for letting me know! I am really bad with bird names. 😉 Thank you! Hopefully you’ll be able to get a better camera. I definitely recommend getting one during black Friday because they are a lot cheaper!

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      1. I had just read that post, and it’s a great idea. For more expensive items, I’ve learned holiday sales are sometimes the best time to get things. : )


      2. I use shower gels as bubble bath, and I basically only buy them at Bath and Body Works when they are $3 (compared to the normal price of $12). Sales in June, July, and December are usually when I go and stock up.


      3. It really isn’t too hard, if you would like to identify, or have more knowledge on areas in which you could find certain birds. Check out your state’s backyard common birds online, and you’ll be able to identify. The more you see, the easier it will become. : ) But that’s if you really want too.


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