Sunset Photography




I was outside the other day when this sunset started to form. Me, my dad, and my brother were shooting some hoops. I was trying to not pay much attention to the sunset and more on just enjoying the moment. I failed as you can tell. ; )

Taking pictures is something that I have enjoyed for years. If I see something that is picture worthy, I am going to stop whatever I’m doing and I will have my camera around my neck just seconds later. That’s just who I am.

But with that being said, I realize that I do sometimes let the moment slip away. I can get so caught up on whether I should grab my camera or if I should just try to forget about it. Take the pictures above for example. I seriously sat there for like fifteen minutes pondering on whether I should go take some pictures  or not. The whole time I was only half way playing with my dad and brother.

So for me, I am trying to enjoy the moment more. With my love for photography, my idea of “enjoying the moment” is often going outside to take pictures. I want to live life to it’s fullest though and be able to have fun and do stuff without freaking out on whether I should be taking pictures or not. I’ve realized though that taking pictures is just something I do. It’s something I have enjoyed for years. Sometimes I am going to stop what I am doing just to go outside to snap some photos. That’s just who I am.




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