Book / Flower Photography

Hey y’all! Summer is almost here and I can’t wait! I love this time of the year ( other than the heat of course ) This is my favorite time of the year to take pictures with everything in bloom.

Speaking of taking pictures, I have wanted to take some pictures of books and finally got around to it today. I got some flowers after a dance performance that I had on Saturday and decided to have a small book /  flower photo shoot. ; ) Down below are a few pictures that I took this afternoon.





Have a great week, everyone!

Favorite photo? What are your plans for the summer?



96 thoughts on “Book / Flower Photography

  1. Those are gorgeous photos! And one of my favorite books, to! =D I love the third photo. Well, my sister is getting married this summer, so most of my plans consist of helping get ready for that! =D But I also hope to get some writing in. =)

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