Nature Photography

Hey y’all! I hope that everyone is having a great summer! I absolutely love this time of year. I normally do a lot of reading during the summertime, and this year has been no different. I went to a flea market last weekend and they had my favorite book series on sale for only 50 cents each. I was super excited because most of the books that I want right now are super expensive. Can you feel me?

I am also going to my old dance school next week to do their summer intensives. They always have guest teachers come and it’s a lot of fun. It’s for nine hours every weekday and I can’t wait!

With everything in bloom right now, I have taken a lot of photos lately. I make sure to bring my camera with me everywhere! Today, I’ll be sharing a few pictures that I have recently taken.






Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Favorite photo? What have you been taking pictures of? Have you found any special deals on books? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

72 thoughts on “Nature Photography

  1. I loooove when I find amazing books at flea markets and used book stores! You can literally fill up a bag with fantastic stories for just a few dollars. The best 😍 Also, great pictures in this post, as always!

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  2. I feel the hurt of the price of books! The struggle is so real!

    I really LOVE these photos 🙂 there was a flower growing in our backyard this past week, and I snapped a pic of it. I’m pretty sure it was a daisy. Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer reading!

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  3. I love being able to find deals on books! I totally understand about the price of books. I’d love to own more books but I’m unwilling to buy most full price. XD That’s great that you got your favorite series!

    Ah, your pictures are so pretty and professional. 😍 The colors are seriously gorgeous. The last two are probably my favorite, though they’re all super pretty.

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    1. Isn’t it the best? 😍I am the same way. I don’t own a ton of books because of the price. ; )

      Aw, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. 😊 Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks Megan! It was Love Inspired Suspense. They have a team of writers and they publish six books each month. It’s great because the books literally never run out.

      Aw, so cute! I have seen the pictures of the baby bunnies on yours and Alison’s blog, and they are SO cute! Y’all took some amazing pictures! I have been thinking about breeding two of the rabbits that we have, but I’m not sure yet. It seems like a lot of work. 😜

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  4. Gorgeous photos, as always! The last one of the pink flower is my favorite. ^_^
    Wow, that dance intensive sounds, well, intense! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to going to enjoy sunshine at the river tomorrow!

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      1. Thanks. Yh I know. But I don’t really know when I’ll be able to get one. For now I guess I’ll just stick with my phone

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  5. These pictures are gorgeous! 🙂 My favorites are #3 and #5!
    I’ve been reading a lot of photography books lately. Somebody is letting me borrow the Scott Kelby photography books and I’m really enjoying them and learning a lot!

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