Beach Photography || Part Two

Hey y’all! I am back with more beach pictures to share. We went back to the beach a couple of weeks ago, and I got a ton of pictures. We went at sunset ( which is my favorite time to go! ) and I just couldn’t put my camera down. 😉 Oh, and I have a small announcement…

My family is moving!

In just two weeks we’ll be  moving to South Carolina. We’re going to be living around the Charleston area, plus we’ll be close to the beach! I am excited about it overall. I just hope that the whole moving process goes well.

Down below are a few pictures that I took on our last trip..




FullSizeRender (17)21




Favorite photo? What have you done this summer? Have you ever moved states? Favorite time to go to the beach?

96 thoughts on “Beach Photography || Part Two

      1. You’re welcome! The houses and beach look similar to Folly Beach, outside of Charleston, where we went. I’ve only been once, but it seems like a place you could spend a lot of time and never run out of things to do! Have you been to Fort Sumter? I insisted I wasn’t leaving until I went. XD

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      2. Yes, definitely! This was only the second time I’ve been to the Charleston area, and there are plenty of things to do there. I love the whole look of the area. ^_^ I haven’t, I’d love to though. Haha, good idea! 😂

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the fourth one! I hope your move goes well! I’ve never moved in my life, so especially moving states sounds scary to me! ;D

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  2. In love with all of these pictures! Especially love the last one – the calm waves and the sunset combine to create such a soothing picture. I hope the moving process goes well, and I wish you all the best!

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  3. All those pictures are gorgeous!!! I especially love the one with the waves! ❤

    Ooh, good luck on the move! I haven't moved states since I was teeny, but I've moved since. I hope that it all goes well! 🙂

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  4. My home state is Ohio, then I moved to Arkansas (Little Rock), and then to Florida (Fort Walton Beach) to move back to Ohio. Moving can be stressful for sure, but I am grateful for the experiences I got. 🙂

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    1. Wow, that’s a lot. This will be the 5th time I’ve moved, but I’ve always lived in Georgia. Definitely, I am a little nervous about the whole process, but I am looking forward to the new experience. 🙂

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