Charleston || Isle of Palms

Hey everyone! I hope that you guys have had a great week so far! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to be spending most of Saturday at my dance studio. It’s only a month away until my studios performance of “The Nutcracker” and I can’t wait!

Today, my family spent the day at Charleston and the Isle of Palms. We went to the Charleston aquarium, and then later the beach. Yes, I have more beach pictures to share. 😉 I wanted to take a break from posting beach photography, but I got some pictures today that I wanted to share with y’all. 🙂

Down below are a few photos that I got.






Favorite photo? Have you ever been to Charleston or the Isle of Palms? Is anybody doing or going to see the Nutcracker?


138 thoughts on “Charleston || Isle of Palms

  1. My family visited the Charleston aquarium two years ago! We really loved it! Did you guys take pictures with the frog on the bench outside? Lovely pictures of the water!

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  2. As usual, beautiful photos 🙂 I loved the seashells! The beaches I went to when I lived in Florida had all sorts of broken shells 😦 but I think that was also because I lived near the Gulf of Mexico. (I bought shells at an aquarium the last week I lived in Florida, and I regret nothing.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, Ive been to a few beaches where there are only broken shells. I did go to a beach once called “Shell Island” and oh my goodness, it had the biggest shells I have ever seen at a beach. They looked like ones you would get in a store. ( The link may or may not work 😛 )
      Haha, that’s great. I’ve bought shells at stores too.

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  3. I was through Charleston when I was 21 but not since though.
    I am especially fond of the shell photo. Very nicely done but they are all lovely.
    This weekend I am putting up the Christmas tree and getting ready for Thanksgiving.
    Because I am disabled a bit, I spread doing things out.
    As for the Nutcracker, I was in it a few times when I was still in ballet.

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    1. I love going to Charleston. 🙂 Thank you so much. How exciting! We are getting ready for Thanksgiving as well. That’s awesome. This is my first time doing the Nutcracker and I am really excited.


  4. I was just there last week. But just passing through. We went to Battery Park to see the bay and to Patriots Park. I’d love to come back someday when we could stay a little longer and explore some more. Love your pictures so much.

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