Snow Photography

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Am I the only one who still can’t believe that 2017 is over? 2017 was a good year and I am excited to see what’s in store for this year!

Today, we got about 5 inches of snow. I know that’s not much to some, but that’s a good bit for the south. 😉 It was so gorgeous outside and I loved getting to take pictures of it! I took pictures while it was snowing and I’m honestly surprised that my camera is still working. XD Down below are a few pictures that I got.





Favorite photo? Have you gotten snow this winter? Favorite memory of 2017? One goal for 2018?


217 thoughts on “Snow Photography

  1. A fine set of photos of your winter wonderland in the south. For you it is a big deal to have a few inches of snow. Let us know, if you need more, and you can order some more from our nook in Canada. Haha! I like the photo with the cracks in the ice best. They form a beautiful pattern.

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  2. Great pictures, I think my favorite is the 2nd! 🙂 Sadly we don’t get snow where I live, I wish we did though.. 😦 I KNOW!! It’s crazy, it seems like 2017 just started a few months ago. One of my resolutions this year is to be more organized!

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  3. Nice work Maddy! Love the pictures… Snow time is a great opportunity for pictures. I miss that now. Yes, I can see the snow falling in one of the pictures… Happy new year to you!

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      1. I’d rather not say much, but you’ll come to know it for sure, if it works out. I was thinking of doing something, then I thought if the date was anywhere near, then……. i don’t know? Do say it, pleasee? I won’t misuse it or anything, I promise. 😁❤🙂

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  4. Cool! Is it normal that it snows where you live? I am from Finland and very used to snow, haha. 😀 I just read some news that said that it is snowing in some parts of the US where it’s not “supposed” to snow, and the situation is kind of chaotic.

    Have a nice 2018!

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    1. It isn’t normally that it snows here! We are in one of the parts where it’s not “supposed” so snow. 😉 Literally me and my friends were freaking out over pictures with like, an inch or two of snow. 😂 I haven’t seen 5 inches of snow in a long time.

      Thanks, I hope that you have a nice 2018 too!


    1. Thank you so much! I just moved close to the beach and I had been told that it never snows here, but I guess this year was different. But yeah, I’m used to not getting any snow during the winter so I feel you.

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  5. Beautiful, Maddy! I love the picture of the pond. The crack looks so cool! We’ve had a ton of snow recently, but this morning it’s snowing a lot more! I’m not the hugest fan of snow because we get so much, but it sure is beautiful!❤

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  6. Favorite photo was the 3rd one with the pond that had ice on it. You take such good photos! Yes, we got a little snow here in Missouri! But it didn’t even last a day! My favorite memory from 2017 was playing at the theme park Silver Dollar City for SEVEN week! I really liked riding rides every day! And it was a lot of fun getting to know the ride attendants who were all so sweet and funny! One of the goals I’m wanting to do this year is audition for The Christmas Carol play this year at the theme park Silver Dollar City! I’d love to be Tiny Tim’s sister!

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    1. Aw, thank you, Maggie! Yeah, normally the snow doesn’t last long for us either. We still have snow from yesterday, but it’s starting to melt now. That’s a great memory! Oh fun! I love getting perform and such.


  7. These photos are so gorgeous! I love them all but my favourite either has to be the second one or the last one! We had snow at the beginning of December and it was the most we’ve had in ages, so of course everyone was so excited but I wish we had it more often because it’s so pretty! xx

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  8. OMG WOW I have not seen snow for years because we don’t get snow ( just rain) and this reminds me why I miss it so much , love photography so much and u give it a good name 😍😍😱😱💜 adore the photos

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  9. Hello! I am Julia! I just came across your blog through Cynthia’s blog. All these pictures are gorgeous! You sure are a good photographer! Were they all taken at your home? Have a good evening! Love, Julia

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      1. Hello Maddy! You are welcome! And my 12 year old sister Abby just got braces and wanted to know if you have them? And if you had any tips for braces to send them our way! I hope you have a great rest of your week as well! Love, Julia

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    1. Thank you! I would pull my camera out to snap a picture, then quickly put it back under my jacket. I was a little worried that I’d damage it, but it was just fine. 🙂


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