PhotoWall Product Review || Canvas

Hello everyone! I hope that you guys had a great Valentine’s Day. ❤️ Today, I have a little bit of a different post to share. I am going to be reviewing a canvas that I got from PhotoWall.

PhotoWall is a Swedish company that sells wall murals and canvases. You can choose from the many pictures that they have or use your own. I ordered a canvas with one of my pictures on it, and I absolutely love the way it turned out!

I was a little worried with how the quality of the picture would be, but it turned out great. The picture is super clear on the canvas and the colors didn’t wash out at all. I am very satisfied with how the picture printed.

Another thing that really stood out to me about PhotoWall is their shipping / customer service. They were super quick with getting back to me with any questions I had. They also have 2-3 day shipping!

I definitely recommend using PhotoWall if you are looking to buy a canvas. The quality of the picture is great and they are a great company to work with!

Have you ever bought anything from PhotoWall? Do you have a canvas with your photography on it? Where do you like to print your pictures?

*This post was sponsored by PhotoWall. I wasn’t required to write a positive review. All thoughts are my own.

52 thoughts on “PhotoWall Product Review || Canvas

  1. That’s a very nice photo and I see why you had a print made. The company that I was using for prints changed their business model so I’m looking for a new source for printing. Printers are hard for me to find because I want one that can do prints that are stretched canvas and prints that are mounted, matted and framed. The hard part in finding a printer though is they have to be able to do this in the 16×9 aspect ratio.

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  2. I had a great experience with PhotoWall. I chose to have my own photo printed. Like you, I was worried about quality and color, but was extremely happy with my results. Your photo is stunning!

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