Table Rock, SC || Mountain Photography

Hello everyone! Happy first day of April! I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. Spring is here and it feels like summer is just around the corner. I am graduating high school next month which I’m super excited about! Anyone else here graduating this year?

I recently went on a trip to the mountains at Table Rock, South Carolina. We also went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for a day. I absolutely love the area around Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge and it was so nice to go there. We had such a fun trip and I have some pictures to share!








Favorite photo? Have you ever been to Table Rock or Gatlinburg? Are you graduating this year? Favorite vacation spot?

You can find my photography sold on Etsy and Foap. I am also a blog designer and would love to help you with your blog!

121 thoughts on “Table Rock, SC || Mountain Photography

  1. Cool! I went to table rock for my 15 birthday! It was super fun to climb! The pictures bring back good memories. Back when we went, a lot of the trees were black and yucky looking cuz the wild fires finally stopped.
    My favorite vacation place is in NC. I’ll be graduating next year!

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  2. Hi Maddy. You seem to have a good eye and emerging talent. Wonderful snaps. I have been to Smoky Mountain twice, pigeon forge and Gatlinburg while on a road trip from CT, amazing places. We had camped at Smoky’s too. I also came across your photograph on Beads. Nicely taken. Keep it up.

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    1. Thank you! Oh, how fun! I love going to the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge area, and I’ve been there many times. 🙂 We’ve camped at Pigeon Forge a couple times. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Wow, that’s definitely an adventure! I’ve only been to places in the US, but I’d love to go to a different country one day. 🙂


      2. Hi Maddy. I have added two new posts on Science of Photography. Take a look and tell me if you like it. I will be adding more post to that series.


  3. Great photos! The last one is my definite favorite! No, but they sound awesome! I did last year. Oh, that is impossible to decide! It depends on what I want to see.

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  4. The waterfall and last flower are my favorites! 😀 I love Grand Canyon, I got some great pictures there. Europe has to be my favorite place I’ve ever gone, though. Nice pictures, thank you for sharing!!

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  5. Awesome pictures, I love every place I have been to in Tennessee.

    I have not been to Gatlinburg for a while but have been there several times.

    I have a lot of pictures from there but the computer there on died. I need to go back.

    Have a super wonderful day.

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  6. I am not graduating until next year. I have never been to either of those places, but I have been to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is realy pretty. I like the one of the waterfall and flowers.

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  7. Nice pictures, Maddy. Never been to Table Rock, but spent some time in The Smoky Mts, in 2017 with our two children, their spouses; our five grand children, my brother and his wife …all there to see the total eclipse. Congratulations on you up coming graduation. M:-)

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  8. Ahhhh! These are all so beautiful!!! 😍😍

    My sister graduates next month, but I’m not ’til 2020. Congrats, Maddy! Going to graduate – that’s very exciting!!!

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  9. Those are some beautiful photos! Great job!! 😀 I think it’d be super fun to travel and do some photography for fun. Actually, I am graduating this year. Not from High School, but from Middle School. I’m super excited to be a freshman this coming up school year! 😊

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    1. Oh, that’s good to know! We saw the tower when we went but there was some construction going on so we didn’t go to it. Thank you!


  10. I loved that waterfall!!
    It’s good to go on such trips annually.
    I’m going to strike 100 followers, it’s 99 right now.
    I’m thinking of making a few changes like background picture and theme.
    It would be good if you could give me some suggestions as a friend.

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