What type of camera do you have?

I have a Canon Rebel T6.  It works great and I’d definitely recommend it!

What’s a good camera for a beginner?

I would recommend a Nikon Coolpix, which was my first “real” camera. It’s not hard to use, and it can take great pictures.

Do you have any photography tips?

Yes! I wrote a post about my 5 favorite photography tips which you can find here.

Where did you buy your camera?

I bought my camera at Best Buy. I would recommend looking there during Black Friday, they have some great deals!

Do you have Instagram? 

Yes! You can find my photography account @maddycronephotography.


12 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’ve had a Nikon D3600 for about a year now. I so love learning how to take beautiful photos that show YAHWEH’s (God’s) glory!!!
    You are a great photographer and I love your blog. Beautiful photos!!!

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