Blue Grosbeak

Hey everyone! Lately we have been having a few birds known as the blue grosbeak hanging around our house, and they are gorgeous birds! I saw them outside once again today, and I just had to take their picture. I was able to quietly sneak out of the house and get a few shots which I’ll be sharing with you today. 🙂




Have a great weekend!


Birds- The eggs, babies, and adults

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? So, as you see in the title, there are these birds that built a nest in our backyard. I have been meaning to post some pictures but I just haven’t had time so now, they have already been hatched and are growing. I’ll be showing you when it was just eggs, when they hatched, and the parents. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!


First are the eggs. They were on the top of our window outside so it was a little hard getting this picture but it tuned out well.


Here’s one of the babies. They sometimes run around the yard.



There are the parents. It’s been really neat watching the babies hatch!

Which picture was your favorite? Have birds ever hatched near your house? Are you an animal lover?


Hey everyone! How has your weekend been so far? Today I’m going to show you some pictures that I got of some birds today. I hope that you like them!

belll 1

This first one is a bird that was sitting on a old bell that we have in our backyard.


This next one is a blue jay. It’s one of my favorite types of birds.


This one is a red headed woodpecker. It was huge!


This last one is a hawk. We see him a lot around our house. You can see another post that I did with the hawk in it here!

So, what did you think? I hope that you all have a great Saturday!

Which picture was your favorite? Do you have a favorite bird?