Hunting Island pt 2

Hello everyone! I hope that you guys are having a great week so far. I can’t believe that it’s already February! I’m so excited to see what all 2019 holds. One thing I really want to focus on more this year is my photography. It’s always just been a hobby for me but I’d love to see about turning it into a job. I love nature photography but I’m thinking about focusing more on photographing people. The thought of trying to start a business does make me a little nervous ( introvert over here haha ) but I’d love to give it a try. I would love to hear from people who’ve started a photography business doing family, senior pictures, etc. πŸ™‚

It’s also now time to announce the giveaway winner! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I love hosting giveaways and I plan to do more in the future. And the winner is… Anita S!

Congratulations! You get to pick one item from The Striped Plain & Co. πŸ˜€

So now for today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some more beach pictures I got at Hunting Island. I absolutely love beach photography which you can probably tell from all my beach posts, haha. You can view the first post I did here. Down below are some pictures I got. πŸ˜€





( My dad might have taken this one? We went out early on the beach one morning and he borrowed my camera. πŸ˜‰ )


Also real quick, I recently started an instagram account for my photography! You can find it here. Have a great week, everyone!

Favorite photo? Do you have a photography business? ( I’d love some tips! ) One thing you’re looking forward to this year? A goal for this year? Anyone else love doing beach photography?

You can find my photography sold on Etsy and Foap. I am also a blog designer and would love to help you with your blog!

104 thoughts on “Hunting Island pt 2

  1. The starfish photo is sublime! I also enjoy beach photography (although all my photos are just on an iPhone camera 😝. My family consistently goes to Hilton Head Island; there’s a lot of cool spots there. Where is Hunting Island? I’ve not heard of it.

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    1. Thank you! iPhones can still take good pictures. πŸ˜ƒ The first 2 pictures on this post were taken on my iPhone, and then the last three was with my DSLR camera. Oh nice, I love going to Hilton Head. Hunting Island is in SC as well.

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  2. Your photos are amazing as always! The star fish one is my favorite! No, I do not! There is no way I am good enough. I am looking forward to advancing in my writing. Finishing the first draft of my book.The closes thing I have to the beach is the lake and I really enjoy that. Congratulations Anita!

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    1. Thank you, Jac! Aw, I’m sure you’re great at photography. That’s so cool that you’re writing a book! Yeah, definitely. I live close to a lake and I love going there at sunset. It’s always so peaceful.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Pretty photos!! I actually do have a photography business it’s called VWPhotography. I have shot wedding’s, senior’s, families, nature, etc. If you want to start your own business you have to really put the work in! I’ve been doing photography since 2016 and I’m still learning. I’ve taken 2 college courses and I’ve done 2 semesters in HS of it. I’ve learned from the top photographer in my city, and I still am finding new things to learn. I’m sure you know photography is more than just pushing a button on a camera it takes time and years to perfect. You definitely have the talent! Keep working at it and you will one day find yourself shooting a wedding at 15 like me!!😊❀ I wish you the very best on your business!!πŸ˜‰

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    1. Wow, that’s amazing that you started a business at such a young age! I’m 17 so I thought it was about time to see what I could do with it. πŸ˜‰ I have a few questions if that’s okay. πŸ€—
      How did you first get started? Did you start a website / social media page and advertised what area you’re in for shooting? Also did you start charging right away or did you do some shoots for free?
      Thank you! ❀️


      1. Thank you!πŸ˜‰ Yeah, sometimes it’s not about time.

        1. I got started with just taking pictures on my phone and then a point and shoot camera and then I started taking courses.

        2.Yes, I did both. I started a social media and then my website. I would normally say something like “Senior pictures are now available, DM me for more info!!”.

        3. I did some free shoots first. But, I asked them to tell everyone about me and my business.

        I hope that helped! If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask!😊

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      2. Awesome, thank you so much! That definitely helps. πŸ˜€ I feel pretty confident about taking pictures, I guess it’s just the editing part that I don’t know much about. Plus I always look on Pinterest/ Instagram and see the most gorgeous photography and then I feel like mine isn’t nowhere near good enough. xD

        What camera do you use? 😊

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      3. Yeah, editing is pretty hard. Editing takes a lot of time to learn. And, don’t compare your photos with others who are professionals. We all have to start somewhere. You will eventually get there!!

        I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5.

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  4. All of these photos are very pretty! I love sunsets. 😊 A goal (to let you know, I have like a billion (exaggeration πŸ˜„)) I have is to get better with my photography. I want to start buying things for my camera to make my photos better and look more professional. — Beach photography is very fun!

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  5. You can totally start a business. I too am an introvert and I’m in the process of starting my own business. The online marketing is tough for my line of work, but photography will work great with Pinterest and instagram or any social media for that matter. Check out Pinterest and search for β€œstart a photography business” so much great information on there. Love your pictures!

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    1. That’s great! I’ve looked up articles a little on Pinterest, and I’ll definitely have to more seriously soon. Thank you! I hope your business is a success! πŸ™‚

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