Nature Photography || Throwback

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all having a great week. I can't believe that it's already March! 2019 seems to be flying by. I'm really looking forward to some vacations planned for later this year and getting to take pictures of new places! What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2019? Today's post is a … Continue reading Nature Photography || Throwback

Dandelion Photo

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all having a great weekend so far! Today, I wanted to show a recent photo that I got of some dandelions. I was trying to take it's picture in the grass, but my camera was focusing on everything but the flowers. I took that flowers and sat them on … Continue reading Dandelion Photo


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I wanted to share with you all some beautiful roses that I have started to bloom near our house. 🙂 I hope that you all enjoy the photos! I love the way this one turned out with the sun and everything.   Thank you all for looking! … Continue reading Roses

Flowers :)

Hey everyone! Today my family had a lot of fun here in Tn. 🙂 Right now though I'm going to show you some pictures that I got of some very pretty flowers. I love flowers and I'm very excited about them blooming. 🙂 Here they are! So, what did you all think? Flowers are so gorgeous! … Continue reading Flowers 🙂


Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show some pictures that I took of some flowers. I really like the colors right here. This one is my favorite. It was rainy that day so there was water dripping off the flowers. I hope that you all have a great week!