Nature Photography || Throughout the Years

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Can you believe it's the start of a new decade? I am so excited for 2020. I will be traveling to some new locations this year and I can't wait to explore and take pictures of everything. Definitely stay tuned, I'm really excited about some travel photography I hope to … Continue reading Nature Photography || Throughout the Years

Lake at Sunset || Photography

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend. We are in the last month of summer, and I'm actually really looking forward to fall. I just love the colors and coldness it brings. ( Though it doesn't ever really get too cold in the south ) School started back last week, so I'm … Continue reading Lake at Sunset || Photography

Sunset Photos

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all having a great weekend. Most of my day has been spent reading since we went to the library this morning. I’m always asking myself the question “ How many books will I have time to read within the next two weeks” before we go to the library. … Continue reading Sunset Photos