Summer / Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven’t done a post in awhile, I’ve had a very busy summer so far. I went on a road trip with my family ( which I’ll be sharing pictures of soon! ) and then I’ve been doing summer intensives at my dancing school, which means dancing for 35 hours a week. 😉 It’s been so much fun being able to dance so much, but I am glad that I get a month off now. What have you guys been doing this summer?


As a lot of you know, I started an etsy shop back in January, and I have decided to giveaway a few of my photos


There will be three winners, and each one will receive both the mountain and bird photo shown above. This giveaway will last exactly one week long, which means that it ends on July 21. Comment to let me know that you’d like to enter. You can also do the things below to earn extra entries. You get an extra entry with everything you do, just make sure to let me know which ones you do in the comments. 🙂

  1.  Follow my Blog via Email
  2.  Favorite my Etsy Shop
  3. Comment below on your favorite summer memory so far from this year



22 thoughts on “Summer / Giveaway!

  1. Hey Maddy! I’d like to enter! I already follow your blog, and my favorite summer memory is when my 14 year old friend Wyatt came and hugged me on the fourth of July and “my own personnel flurry!” He’s so goofy and sweet! I’m about to go favorite your shop!

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  2. I follow your blog and have favorited your shop. Your photography is super awesome! It’s been a really awesome summer…swimming, taking tons of photos and no school. xD

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  3. I don’t know if I can enter yet, but my favorite summer memory is when we went hiking in the Rockies. We ran out of water, but at the top you could drink straight from the streams! Also, because the top of the Rockies are a lot colder, we had a snowball fight in July. It was awesome.

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  4. Those photos are so beautiful!! And I’d like to enter! 😉

    Hmm… My favorite memory. Well, I’ve had my own room for about five years, but now that we’re moving and my older sister and I don’t have livable rooms yet, we’re having to share with my younger sister in her tiny room. They are sleeping in a bunkbed, and we don’t have room for another bed, so I’m sleeping in a hammock. On the first night both my sisters were telling me to be careful (though I’ve slept in hammocks before), so I was faking falling off for my little sister, and I almost fell off for real. It’s a lot funnier if you were there. 😛

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  5. I already favorited your shop and I follow your blog. =)

    My favorite memory so far this summer was going over to a friends house and they wanted to swim, but I hadn’t brought a swimsuit, so I just jumped in. It wasn’t very wild or daring, but I had so much fun, it was awesome. =)


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  6. Hi! I’d like to enter-I think I already follow you by email, but I’m not sure. I don’t do Etsy. Hmm…my fave memory of this summer…singing and playing guitar on my church’s stage with the praise team, being with my sweet cousins and going on a mini vaca with my family.

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  7. I’d like to enter. I have already favorited your shop. My favorite summer activity from this year was when I went camping to the beach with my family.

    If I win this giveaway I will re-give it away on my blog, if that’s alright with you.

    Thanks Maddy, for this giveaway! 🙂

    Allie D.


  8. I would love to do the giveaway!! My favorite summer memory is my weekend at Rodeo Bible Camp and I think I’m following your blog via email. I know I’m getting your posts in my reader but I’m not sure if that counts. Anyways, beautiful pictures and have a blessed day.


  9. Yay Maddy! 🙂
    I followed you blog. (well I already follow it)
    I favorited your etsy shop. (your pictures are amazing)
    And my favorite summer memory so far is going to camp with my youth group. (which I might be making a new one soon.)
    You’re awesome Maddy! 🙂


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